Reflective Essay: AP Language And Composition

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I decided to take AP Language and Composition due to the requirements of the University of Iowa. For my intended major, I need two rhetoric classes and one literature class. Last year I completed the literature class which improved my reading ability tremendously. After completing ENG 105, I have improved in multiple areas, but I am most proud of my improvement on the writing volume and stamina as I now have the ability to write college level essays. When examining all of the competencies, I have not mastered any one of them, but have improved in multiple categories throughout the semester.

One of the first assignments was the scholarship essay which required a unique style of writing different from anything I was used to. This caused a great
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In order to write the APA paper, synthesis of large organization was necessary to gather information about the bilingualism topic. Sources such as peer reviewed journals were used to gather reliable data. For the rhetorical analysis, diction was examined to locate the deeper meaning of an author’s work. For example, I analyzed the way Quinones describes the RAPsters through his adjective use (17). There is no way to show growth in this competency this semester; however, the skill was continually used when using quotes in both…show more content…
I improved the way I find evidence by using reputable database like EBSCO rather than Google. This removed any doubt that the source was credible due to the revisions of peers who are experts in the respective fields. When combining all of the evidence, I learned to corroborate evidence in the same paragraph by finding studies that show similar results (3-4).

The only documentation needed this semester was the APA paper. During the semester, I learned about self plagiarism where an essay may only be submitted to one assignment. With the works cited page, I used a citation machine called easybib that did all of the work for me. All I had to do was double check the citations with the purdue OWL. Due to the APA paper, I learned how to cite APA style and cite peer reviewed journals correctly (8-9).

The usage of grammar was not necessarily improved this semester as it was not a large focus of the class. Grammar simply comes along with the writing process and noticing mistakes when reviewing essays. Towards the end of the semester, I learned how to use a semicolon to make a compound sentence out of two simple sentences. I used this technique in this very essay to improve the variety in sentence

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