Reflective Essay About Dance

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My grandmother really questioned my sanity when I danced for 2 straight hours before my 10th class board results. Yes, I dance when I’m stressed.
Looking back, I don’t think it would be incorrect for me to say that dance has shaped me into the individual I am today.

My first dance class was in the summer of 2009, which I very reluctantly attended, mainly because it was at 8am, during my holidays and I didn’t like dancing in front or with people.

With each passing day, I actually started looking forward to dancing, I only got better, and better at it. It became a part of my identity, it was no more just an extracurricular activity, it was ‘me’. I had never enjoyed doing something more, it gave me a kind of satisfaction no materialistic thing could ever give.

For someone that didn’t want to join the
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I stood to represent the same house that had lost the event. Having embarrassed myself in front of over 400 people in the audience, I came to terms with the fact that It couldn’t get any worse, but only better, there was only one way: up. I made it my personal goal to achieve the future I had foreseen for my house. I didn’t want to sit back; I wanted to lead from the front.
It was the first time that I stood in front of 200 people and gave a speech to convince them to vote for me to lead their house. Shockingly, I got a standing ovation and the responsibility. Honestly, I was surprised; surprised at the person I had grown to become.

A year later, having led my house through ups and downs, I bagged the third position for my house in the dance and acapella event. I also went on to win the third position in the public speaking competition, something I never thought I would’ve taken part in a year ago.

Through these triumphs and victories, I started questioning myself with a slight regret, “ why didn’t I stand for the IB school representative?”

That boat had sailed, but I still found opportunities to show case my
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