Reflective Essay About Hunting

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Since the beginning of my hunting days, I have seen the number of new youth hunters sky rocket every year. For example, since the beginning of duck dynasty, there was a new wave of duck hunters across the nation. This is a great tool for the informal education of hunting to the younger generations. Since I have begun my formal education in hunting, I have realized the amount of knowledge taught, overlaps with lessons successful in everyday life. For example, state game wardens give a hunter’s education course to learn the safety of hunting, but during the seminar there is moral and ethical lessons that are underlining. Throughout my journey into my formal education I have learned new skills, developed new traits that help me grow as an individual in society, and skills that can I can pass down to others down the road
Learning the basic skills of hunting and acquiring the traits that come with those skills are just the beginning of the road for new hunters. There can be a wide variety of skills and attributes hunting can instill in a person. First off, patience is a priority to hunting. For example, if you can not sit in one place for hours on end, then hunting is not your hobby of choice. Also, if you can not take your time in the steps for hunting, then there is a lack of patience. On the other hand, being quite takes patience as well, therefore, almost every task in hunting takes patience. Secondly, there can be plenty of ethical traits to take away from hunting. For
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