Reflective Essay About My Writing

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My Writing Adventure My experience throughout this class as a writer has been remotely good. I have learned many new ways about how to write an essay because one of my strengths is having a strong memory of the topic and another strength I have in writing is that I am much more experienced on how to describe a subject in great detail and because of this I know what I am capable of doing. I unfortunately still have some weaknesses in writing such as, procrastinating on starting the actual working process and because of this I start to panic on not getting done in time. Over all my writing skills throughout the class has not been what I expected but I did learn more about how to properly write an essay, which will help me out more later on in my future classes. …show more content…

I now learned on how to gradually detail the subject of an essay or at least I try my very best to, but I have specifically learned in this class on how to detail without having to repeat yourself in multiple ways. I learned how to detail simply by reading articles, or websites on my topic of choice and put what I have read into my own unique words and gradually get down to the point of matter. Before I took this class I was not that good on how to express the topic of an essay into different types of readers but now I can say with confidence that I know the steps into doing so. These steps in my opinion are first introducing the topic, second speaking lightly on the subject, third getting into small detail, fourth using examples about the details, and finally using more information and getting into greater concept of the

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