Reflective Essay About Social Work

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It was May 30th 1997 in the third world city of Medellin, Colombia, a single mother was finally finishing her long day at work in a local bar while being nearly nine months pregnant with a baby girl. When she was finally finished she realized her water broke. Of course she Panicked with no one around to help, and absolutely no money to afford a hospital the young woman rode her bike to the nearest mid-wife facility. There she gave birth, without any pain killers, in an uncomfortable dirty bed to that baby girl. This girl today has had the opportunity to live around the world and experience many different cultures and meet all kinds of people. She lives in a nice community and goes to a private college where she is working on her undergraduate degree. Without the challenges, the experiences, nor the sacrifices of my family I would have never become the person I am today. I would not have been as independent and ambitious, as understanding and compassionate, and I would have never chosen Social work as my professional practice.
I came from a single parent home; my mother has had to take both parent roles in my family. With that there was also a sense of responsibility on my part to take care of her as much as she took care of me. People came and went, but after it was all said and done it was only my mom and I. Even when we had nothing I always felt like we had it all, my mother never made me feel like less of a person and made sure I always had food in my mouth. She would
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