Reflective Essay: All-State Music Class

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When I first read the prompt, the first subject that came to mind was All-State related because it was getting close to the time where I send in recordings to enter the All-State Music festival again and the harsh events that happened when I first auditioned had flashed through my mind. In my college prep class at the high school, we were also doing essay writing and one of the prompts were similar to this one so I decided to do that. In class, we learned about how not every experience would be a good experience that can create an impact and that it’s more unusual to write about something unforgettable and learning from that. Even though the first audition was two years ago, I remembered everything clearly in my head like it happened just yesterday.
So, when I finished the outline that I was required to do in class, there was a lot of detailed information and it was in a sentence format which can just be pieced together to create an essay. The teacher told me this is not how an outline was suppose to
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Everything I had pieced together went together and while looking at my screen, I realized that I’m probably doing what I’ve been doing every single year and every single time I write an essay. I included more information than I needed, so I started checking for sentences that were extra information that didn’t really need to be there to make my point. Once I was less than 800 words and more than 750 words, I created a copy and worked on my other class essay, which was to write a 500 word essay. I remember the requirements for each class, so I cut out a lot and it was still at 600. That was when I decided to cut out more extraneous information. It did not work as I had hoped it would so I asked for help. I didn’t realize how many more words could still be taken out until the teacher told me the reason behind it. Everyday, there was always a little change and as I got help on my short essay, I made changes to the bigger
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