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Final Reflective Essay
Week 8 Final Reflective Essay
Dolly Olmo
Charter Oak State College
My desire was to challenge myself and pursue my belief in life-long learning. And yes, the last eight weeks have definitely been a challenge intellectually in IDS 101. After the first two weeks of school, I seriously questioned why I would go back to school at fifty-one years of age for personal satisfaction. The days were long and I wasn’t sure I still had the self-discipline and determination that would be needed to finish. Over the last eight weeks, this class gave me numerous opportunities to hone my skills in critical thinking, research, and writing. This class has given me the necessary skills to continue toward completing my degree. Week 8 Final Reflective Essay
When I first read the course description and then the syllabus, I knew the IDS 101 Cornerstone Seminar class was going to be challenging, difficult, time-consuming and rewarding. The skills of critical thinking, research, and writing were foundational for preparing me for success in future course work, my career, and life. Over the last eight weeks and after more than one hundred hours, I have improved my knowledge and understanding of developing analytical essays, research papers, and reflective essays. I have included the following works in my digital portfolio:

· Week 1 Self-Reflective Essay
· Week 2 Critical Analysis Essay
· Research Paper
· Discussion – Arguments by Analogy

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