Reflective Essay Cronulla Riots

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Reflective Essay- Cronulla Riots 2005
This essay will be reflecting upon how culture can influence individuals by the analysis of the Cronulla riots of 2005. It will touch on and emphasise how differing perspectives, thoughts, ideals and values are determined by a variety of cultural backgrounds and how in essence this defines each individual from the next. The experiences mentioned in this essay are of my own along with those of friends and family members that witnessed the cultural clash on December 11th 2005.
The Cronulla riots began when allegedly a group of men with Middle Eastern backgrounds assaulted or attacked the Cronulla life guards on patrol. In the week following this incident, particularly on the 11th of December Cronulla’s
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According to Christopher & Deresky (2008) parochialism is when native-born citizens of any country expect heavily that the immigrant population of that country behave as they behave.
To further this argument, research conducted by Dr Kevin Dunn (Christopher & Deresky 2008) exemplified how ‘marginalised’ the minority of Australian Muslims and people of Middle Eastern origin are in the Australian society. Australians are thought to be of the opinion that people with these cultural and religious backgrounds are the least likely to be able to fit into the culture of Australians (Christopher & Deresky, 2008).
The underlying issues demonstrated in the Cronulla riots is that, the assumptions and outlook each culture has on the other are obviously being tainted by cultural noises (Christopher & Deresky, 2008), heavy stereotyping, and the inability to understand the different cultural variables in each culture and how they affect individuals. Bringing the analysis directly back to the Cronulla riots, Middle Eastern individuals tend to have a concept of ‘lose of face’ (Christopher & Deresky, 2008). From my perspective the moment the lifeguards were assaulted, was determined by a mixture of cultural differences, such as the middle eastern men losing face in front of their fellow peers. The perceptions that are held

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