Reflective Essay-Day Surgery Experience

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Day Surgery Experience Apart from being one of most interesting settings in the nursing field, day surgery unwraps the full experience for nursing students to learn and also develop repetitive knowledge on what to expect before, during , and after each surgery, as well as the roles of each nurse within those parameters. Being inside the surgery room was an amazing experience because you get to see different operations performed by different health care professionals. Every surgeon does the sugary differently, meaning that same procedure is performed but adding or subtracting essential steps that makes each surgeon unique. Nurses also play an essential role in each surgery but their imperative duty is less than surgeons, but as equal…show more content…
First everyone had to put on a mask, wear surgical head covers, proper scrubs, and shoe covers. Inside the operation room, the surgeon and scrub tech had to put on a sterile attire, which included sterile scrubs,gloves, and equipment because they were the first people to have contact with patient. The circulator or documenting nurse and anesthesiologist were around the sterile field (aseptic technique) without any contact with the patient whatsoever. As you would have guessed, the surgeon was the one who performed the surgery with the help of the scrub tech and monitored by the circulator nurse and anesthesiologist. The main duties of the circulator nurse was to document everything during the surgery from what medications used to how many sterile dressings were used, proving supplies to the surgeon and the scrub tech as needed,and making sure the room was prepare for the assigned surgery. This nurse also provides conform measurements for the patient while in the operation room. For instance, there was a patient who was too big for the operation bed, so the circulator nurse had to find additional supplies that would prevent the patient from sliding down the bed. Nurses always provide the finest education towards their line of duty but also take the time to teach those people who starting the nursing
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