Reflective Essay: Diversity In A Military Family

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Living in a military family has given me a very diverse experience up to now. Diversity for me is not only for people, but also climates and cultures. I have been to four different places during my lifetime and this has given me a diversity in many different aspects.

I was born in North Dakota and I lived there for four years and really did not remember much, I had many stories told to me by my parents and I do know it was very cold. My dad was in the military during this time so I was already ahead in learning manners and about the military at a very young age.

Being in a military family is very hard when it comes to moving, after knowing friends for a certain amount of time and having to start all over. My next three years of my life were spent in Japan and this was very different from the United States, if not already obvious enough. I had to begin learning the language of the land, which was quite difficult having been so young. I had
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Still living on base during this time made life a bit more stricter than most others. We lived in a neighborhood consisting of mainly military families so I felt a little more like everyone. Alaska was also very cold, a drastic change to previous warm experience in Japan. School was finally starting to kick in at this time. I went to school in Alaska from first to fourth grade and I would meet some of my best friends. School was much different here, mainly being centered around the cold and getting to do special actvities. In the winter, we would get to go skiing and go skating on the ice rink, having been cold enough. I would start my love for sports in Alaska as well, cross country would take up weekends alot of the time. Once more, we would have to move again and at this point it took a huge toll on our whole family. We had created many great friends during this time and we had to create new ones, but fortunately, for the last

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