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Reflective essay: Intro: Vital signs are a fundamental component of nursing care and indicate the body’s ability to maintain blood flow, regulate temperature and regulate oxygenate the body tissue. Taking vital signs are essential in revealing any sudden changes in the body, which could potentially indicate clinical deterioration of the patient. As a first year student I was assigned to take a patients vital sighs while my peer videoed it. Throughout the video blood pressure, pulse, respirations, and temperature was recorded to check if everything was in normal range, while ensuring a comfortable environment, and communicating with the patient to build trust and confidence in my ability to make an accurate assessment and judgement…show more content…
Blood pressure is vital for the body to maintain circulation so that nutrients and oxygen can be transported to the cells. High blood pressure can damage cells and tissue in the body. (Fahey., Murphy,T., Deirdre., 2004) Para 3: pulse and respirations Ensuring that the patient was relaxed and comfortable I began to take her pulse, using my three middle finger tips to locate the pulse. I did so for 15 second and timed by fore for the next 15 seconds I measured her respiration rate and timed by 4. I did not explain to my patient that I was taking her respirations as looking at her chest may have made her feel uncomfortable and increase her respirations. Her pulse rate ending up being 85 beats per minute and respirations were 15 breaths per minute. These results were within normal range, as her pulse rate was between 80 and 120 bpm and respirations were between 12 and 20 (Tollefson, 2010). The change in pulse and respiration rate can increase during excercise. If a pulse is recorded below 50 bpm the patient can be at risk of a heart attach. A fast pulse exceeding 100 bpm can be a sign of infection or dehydration. This can be detected quickly and appropriate action taken to prevent negative affects on the patient’s well being. Para 4: temp The last vital sign taken was temperature. I explained to Catherine she needed to open her mouth as I placed the thermometer under her tongue, then waited patiently until it beeped. Catherine’s temperature

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