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Reflective Essay

Having bestowed with the responsibility of Accountancy managerial in Southwest airlines, I was tasked with overlooking after all accounting operations in the organization. As an astute manager, I had to observe the contributions of the non–managerial employees as an important contribution that can facilitate the success of the organization. Thus, I took the necessary steps and measures to recognize and consider the efforts of all employees in the organization. This is one of the philosophies that drove me as an accountancy manager in the Southwest Airlines. My philosophy of management was partly derived from the Bolman and Deal philosophy where Harris had quoted a question on how much a
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This has enabled employees to take on the initiative of turning the organizational goals to personal goals and strive on how to achieve them. Therefore, the control strategy in which I have adopted in the accounting department oscillates much on two-way communication process, both lateral and horizontal. Thus, issues are quickly identified and ironed out before it gets out of hand ( Locke, 1991).
Total Quality leadership is my style of leadership in the organization. This goes in handy with the general adored leadership in the organization. I do not focus much on the hierarchy of an individual accountability but rather the process of getting work accomplished. The logic behind this is to get services that exceed the expectations of the customer. This is because the internal logics and processes are interacting in a smooth way. Three fundamental elements that I have been able to witness by the application of this leadership philosophy are; the quality of services offered. Secondly, the scientific approach of service delivery to the customer and finally the team department working in unison. ( Borcia & Stern, 2000).
One of the most memorable situation in which my leadership was tested was during the economic crunch of 2008/2009. During this period, the hardest hit industry was the airline industry. Since Southwest Airlines operates under the matrix
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