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My interest in writing wasn’t always apparent to me even though I sought out activities that included the skill. I enjoyed English classes growing up, but I never thought I would utilize writing at a heightened capacity for different disciplines and my own creative pursuits. Soon enough, writing became an activity that I did outside of the classroom, especially in public health pursuits during my time in college and creatively post-graduation. It is a part of my constant development as a person who contributes to causes and activities that I care about and a part of the impact I believe I can make in the medical field.
Sophomore year of college, I became involved in writing at Yale through global public health advocacy with the Student Global Health and AIDS Coalition (SGHAC). For the group, I helped pen op-eds directed toward greater awareness of global health issues and their connection to United States policy. One of those op-eds was in the Hartford Courant, which called for increased foreign aid towards global health in favor of domestic strategic interests in United States foreign policy called “Foreign Aid Cuts Imperil People — And Power (4/12/11).” From my work as a part of the …show more content…

The following year, I increased my role in the organization as an outreach coordinator. I built connections with the Yale community finding people who were interested in health issues and who wanted to write about health. I brought this community together through events such as the Yale Health Writer’s Workshop, which was a day-long brainstorming and idea presentation seminar on health writing. As a senior, I lead the journal as Editor-in-Chief leading all the logistics for the journal’s print and online platforms as well as created a blog called, “Health Hits”, which highlighted student research in public

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