Reflective Essay For English

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I am ready for English 111, because I am ready for a change. To be more specific, I amready to challenge myself. In life there comes a time where you get bored of staying stagnant.Once you get bored of staying still, your inner self will have an urge to achieve more. I want toachieve a goal. Imagine a younger child, playing basketball, and they wanted to be able to touchthe net. Then they are finally able to touch the net, so they set another goal to touch the rim.After a year of hard work and dedication, they succeed that goal and set a new one to dunk. Inlife, it is crucial to set goals for yourself so that you are able to keep striving. I am ready to set agoal for myself this year and this goal is to grow as a writer. I am determined to reach thatgoal.I took English 111 to gain more experience. You will improve with determination. I choseto take English 111 online for a few reasons. I knew that taking an online course means you willneed to be incredibly organized and dedicated. I was confident that I would be able to attain thequalifications of this course. The idea of taking an extra class online sounded fantastic in thesense that I could push myself to be my absolute best. I am certain that I am ready for English111 because I want to challenge myself, I am capable of writing at a more advanced level, andmy writing has matured.I want to be someone who has the personal satisfaction of knowing they have challengedthemselves to grow. English 111 will provide me with ongoing
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