Reflective Essay For Lying In AP Human Geography

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I would like to start this essay by saying I am sorry for lying about an assignment I had in AP Human Geography. When we were talking the first time, in the car, I was unaware of my tone and how my words came across. During our second conversation, in my room, I lied in order to get out, or receive less of a punishment. I am fully aware that lying is not beneficial to any relationship no matter the possible explanations. I know that I broke trust between us, and I am going to anything I can to build back it.

Now that I reflect back on our first conversation I can see how my tone and choice of words were coming across that I didn’t have any other assignments due, missing, or late. I did not mean to give the idea that I did not have anything else to do for this class. If this came across as lying, I did not mean for that to come across. To prevent having my tone …show more content…

I have researched how some people recommend gaining back trust after lying to give me ideas of how to fix it. Some of the ways that I am going to attempt to get your trust back are: always be honest, show constant respect, listening to what you say, doing what you tell me to do the first time, doing extra work around the house, showing how responsible I am, and not lying about anything, big or small.

Lying is poisonous to any relationship, even if the lie is small. I am very sorry for lying about forgetting about an assignment in Stucki’s class. The reason for my lie is that I thought I was going to be in less trouble than if I would have said that I didn’t feel the need to do it. Now that I have reflected on my thinking and mindset, I know that it was an unintelligent decision to lie. I am sorry for breaking trust between us, and I plan on doing anything possible to rebuild the broken trust. I hope we can build trust with each other

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