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Completing Technical Challenge Projects (TCP's) have taught me about the diverse array of careers available in the health sector, each allowing me to help and treat patients in their own right. Yet, only one of the three hundred and sixty careers I have researched fully encompasses my biological and anatomical interests. It is this that has directed me towards a career in medicine.
A Kitchen Disaster is one of many TCP’s that I have completed. On reflection, it is clear that learning how to use endotracheal incubation to maintain an airway in a patient that has a circumferential neck burn from Accident and Emergency (A&E) staff, was my favourite aspect of this TCP. I aspire to become a member of the A&E team in the future and in order to gain a better understanding of this medical field; I have applied for work experience in the A&E department of Sandwell Hospital. Likewise, I am an active member of the Young Person's Council at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital; allowing me to undertake volunteer work once I am eighteen. Through these experiences, I will enhance my teamwork skills plus expand my understanding of how
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I facilitated the young people producing social action projects by use of effective communication. This was similar to when I was a participant in 2015 where my team developed, pitched and gained funding for a social action project aimed at uniting the young and the elderly. This improvement of my communication skills will be invaluable during medical school and beyond as I will be able to effectively interact with peers, patients and healthcare professionals alike. Also, in a medical career, doctors have to make decisions under pressure. I opted to present a speech in front of three hundred people whilst on NCS which has improved my public speaking skills as well as preparing me to deal with
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