Reflective Essay: Highs And Lows Of Comp

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Highs and Lows of Comp. I When I first began Comp. I last fall, I did not expect to realize how poor of a writer I really was. I soon recognized that I had to make an immense change in my writing in order to be successful in the class. Despite the fact that there were highs and lows of Comp. I, I did improve on and learn many things about writing and what it takes to write an exceptional paper. During the class, I improved my word choice, discovered that I was weak at using transitional phrases, and I became educated on how to clearly organize my thoughts while writing an essay. Developing a better vocabulary was a difficulty that I did improve upon in Comp. I. While I am always working to broaden my vocabulary, I also learned multiple words that I still use today. After writing an essay or draft, I frequently submit my paper into to see what I can do to advance the paper. One key element that it suggested I could enhance was my choice in words. Then, I began to use online thesauruses to find synonyms of a better word choice. Today, I still use that technique in finding better words and most likely will continue to use it for a long time. Although improving on my word choice is one concept in my writing that I…show more content…
This is something that I have discovered and learned more about whilst taking Comp. I. Too often, I would have an influx of thoughts and ideas on what to write about and would begin typing every thought at once rather than organizing these thoughts using graphs or outlines. In doing this, I found it difficult to put every idea where it needed to go in order for the paper to have clarity. From the knowledge I obtained, and mainly because it was required, I started to begin every essay with a formal outline. By starting the paper with organized ideas, made for a much clearer way of writing that

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