Reflective Essay: How To Survive AP Language And Composition

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When imagining how I would survive AP Language and Composition, I also took into consideration how I could absorb tips for strengthening my writing skills. From the start of my eleventh-grade year up to now, I believe I have begun my process of improvement. Writing is a skill that I enjoy due to the freedom of expressions one can play with. In most of my past writings over the years, I have earned high scores, and I have felt confident in my persona and how I go about expressing my writing skills. Before all the lectures and writing practices this year, though, I would simply regurgitate the prompt into my essays, and I would elaborate on that simple, broad idea. Apparently in the past I did this in an appropriate manner, for I never ran…show more content…
The little motivation I possessed was likely a component that contributed to the lower grade I received on the graded timed writing the class wrote. If not for that ideal, and if I had practiced at my peak performance each week, then my grade would have shown up higher in the long run. Overcoming the challenges I face with writing has proven slightly difficult, since my timed-writing grades still average around the same score each time. However, I believe I have grasped a deeper understanding for the topics and feel as if my efforts are, personally, being pondered about. I take time to read our “notes to writers” and I attempt to include more evidence such as elongated quotes like I did in my Analysis Timed Writing #two on Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. Although my writing is not perfect, I have quite enough time before the anticipated AP Exam at the end of the year to practice and ace my skills. In the meantime, I will put forth effort each week and hopefully see results. I plan on connecting more personal entries to the analysis prompts given in timed writings, as I did in my Synthesis Timed Writing #five about Libraries. Also, my quote integration can be presented in a more professional way with background and context. As of now, I am thankful that I am scoring medium

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