Reflective Essay: I Am Not On The Best Team

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Best or not?
Why would anyone not want to be able to say I am not on the best team therefore I am not the best. I know how that feels to just miss the top team and make the second without any retry, but I am glad that I did not make the best because it wouldn’t have helped me more overall. One instance where this happened and has affected me the most is this year when I made Pw A and not AA. This might not seem like much but this has affected my life more than any person could ever imagine. This one thing not only taught me how to life better but also taught me to know what to do when things don’t go your way or life chooses a different path that you can’t see why at the moment. This also helped me learn what to do when you have to hang out
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I then realized what hard work does so I worked more and more on hockey. Not even a week later I outskated one of the best players on the team above me. After that I wondered what else I could do so I started working harder on being a leader on and off the ice. All these choices I made later payed off in a tournament where I was one of the best players there. Like I said before why be glad you didn’t make the best. I am glad I didn’t make the best team because now I am better at hockey and more mature in how to handle situations and how to be a leader on and off the ice. If this didn’t happen to me I know without a doubt I wouldn’t be who I am now and who I have become. One thing that life has showed me is how small it is and how quick it is and why. It is small and quick because you can’t get to much time to find out what to do you have to look at what you got and what has happened to you and then you have to solve problems that lead you to what you want. You can’t cheat through life, which I have learned many times on the ice, or just slide your way past life you have to learn, work, and give back to other people who aren’t as fortunate. Life is hard and can sometimes seem boring but if you make it through you will be grateful for
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