Reflective Essay, Media Analysis

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When I started Composition I, I never thought that it will be so difficult. Before this class, I hardly managed to write a 200 word document; now, I am writing documents that contain 2000 words and I have been improving. Personally, it is very important for me to improve my writing skills because I want to be able to write a paper and have people understand it. During this semester, I have learned that a document is never completely perfect; every document could use improvement. The most difficult to write would have to be my Synthesis Essay, Media Analysis essay, and the Research Based Academic Argument Essay, which I will explain later. For these three essays, I had to first write it, then, I would send if to my teacher so that she could make comments and hep me improve my essay. After making the corrections needed, I would send the document again and I would receive more corrections. I learned that every time you reread your document, you can find grammatical or vocabulary errors that need to be changed. Also, I learned the importance of others…show more content…
During this essay, I learned a plethora of great things. Honestly, I never had analyzed how marketing subtly persuades their audience to do what they want without the audience even noticing. I learned how every single aspect in a video plays an important role. The colors used, the way the characters are expressed, gender, age, and music are many aspects that we should analyze in the future while watching a video. For this essay, I used the MLA format more accurately. In the works cited page, I forgot to put italics the book titles. I effectively made use of quoting, as well as making correct source citations in my essay; I was more focused on the problem of obesity and omitted to analyze other aspects like the main character, music, colors, etc. The Media Analysis essay encouraged me to analyze the videos I watch with critical
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