Reflective Essay Of My Writing

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Writing is something magical and a good way of expressing myself. To be honest, I never thought that writing, and English as a subject would be this enjoyable. At the beginning of the semester, I was scared and nervous because of my grammar. I actually thought that I would be one of the worst students when I was placed in the class because I had very low confidence. This was mainly because of the fact that English is my second language. To my surprise, the grade “B” that I scored on my first essay made me proud of myself, and it helped rise my confidence. The fear and worry I had at the beginning is now washed away because currently, writing has become my favorite form of art. My confidence has risen, and I owe it to my English 101 class. That aside, I am going to recognize the improvements I have made in my writing, and how far I have come as a writer during this semester. In the “Novice as Expert”, Nancy Somme’s and Laura Saltz argue that many students continue to rely on the “high school idea that academic success is reflected in good grades.” I will admit that I was that student at the beginning of the semester. Due to that way of thinking, my grades were never as high as they should have been. For the past few weeks, that way of thinking has changed. I have learned to enjoy…show more content…
I have learned to get out of my comfort zone, and identify my mistakes. The best observation that I have made so far is that I have read more than I used to before. I have also learned to incorporate my ideas to the writer’s arguments which was never the case before. Sitting down with my instructor, Professor Valerie Jahns during the conference; I realized that I was not supporting my thesis with relevant evidence from the course readings that were
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