Reflective Essay Of Stephen F. Austin Student

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Appeal The situation concerning my academic progress was brought about by a combination of multiple decisions I made. During my time on academic probation and the previous summer I reflected on the events that lead to this point in my academic career. In the simplest of terms I over exerted myself as a student. I attempted to remain a working man while taking courses and still attempting to remain involved in the Stephen F. Austin Student community. Through this period of reflection I have created a plan involving the advisorship of a TCC advisor and in the future my stephen F. Austin Advisor. During the summer of 2015 I took an online theatre class in hopes of raising my GPA , while taking the class I was an orientation leader on campus and gladly gave back to SFA. However towards the end of summer one I was dropped from the course for financial aid reasons, there was a mistake in my paperwork concerning my tax status. This issue caused me to miss…show more content…
I went to the academic assistance research center weekly and daily if the opportunity arose. During my time on academic probation I was required to provide documentation of me going to these tutorials. I asked questions and seeked out one on one conversations and tutorials under my professors. In all earnest professor Keith Hubbard pushed me and challenged me as a student to learn past the formulas and to truly have a grip on what I was studying. In so I learned new study habits and used these habits in my other classes that came. However before coming to this understanding I had failed math 099 two times and math 132 once. My lack of academic progress does not stem from an area of laziness and complete disregard for my education. But at the end of the 2016 spring semester I finally overcame my test anxiety and terrible study habits and passed college algebra
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