Reflective Essay On A Council Meeting

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On Monday, November 20th 2017, I attended the City of Atlanta’s council meeting while visiting my friend for the holidays. I have had no experience with any kind of government event outside of student government, so I personally had no idea what to expect. Driving around in Atlanta was confusing enough, but we were kindly shown where to go to sit in on the meeting.
The meeting took a while to begin, but it began with role being taken of the council members. The room itself was large, with a wall of desks in front of the main seating area. After role had been called the meeting was opened by discussing the recent celebration of Veteran’s Day, and the council felt the need to thank all the active veterans in the community. This was very important to the council and they said a few words about veterans who had passed that had very positive roles in the community. The Council then brought up the murder of a 29 year old women over the previous weekend. Prayers were extended to her family and loved ones out of respect. It was stated that the city is doing everything that they possibly can to bring justice to the family and apprehend the killer. The third person to be recognized was a major supporter of the Atlanta community, who was a dear friend to many of the council members. We then observed a moment of silence for all those previously mentioned.
At this point in the meeting nothing was very surprising to me, it was just like any other meeting I have attended. I was used to
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