Reflective Essay On Anne Frank

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The holocaust took place from January 30, 1933 – May 8, 1945. This event changed American history forever. Thousands of people died, including the Frank family. Anne Frank once said, “In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart.” Anne and her family had to go through a lot of tough times during the holocaust, but I agree with Anne, people are still good at heart. Reading this book, I noticed that there are a lot of kind hearted actions in this book. I am agreeing with Anne and her actions are what prove this quote right. However, I could see where some may disagree. People like Mr. Van Daan and Mr. Dussel, have actions or ways they speak, that are very rude.
There are many actions that I could use as proof of Anne
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It is during Hanukkah, and Anne decided she wanted to give everyone presents. Nobody was able to go buy gifts, or go out at all, so Anne decided to make everyone a present. Even though Anne knew she wasn’t going to get a present, she wanted to give everyone else one. Even though her gifts were cheap, or not of good quality, they were greatly appreciated. They lifted everyone's spirits, and made the night better. Anne even gave a gift to Mr. Dussel, someone who she quarrels with quite often. This action goes to show that even though we fuss or fight, we all want the best for eachother. This action is the prime example of why I agree with…show more content…
Van Daan. On page 96 and 97 there is an example of Mr. Van Daans cruel behavior:
Mrs. V. Daan: No! No! No! Don’t you dare take that. You hear? It’s mine. My father gave me that. You didn’t give it to me. You have no right. Let go of it - you hear? Mr. V. Daan: Just a little - discussion over the advisability of selling this coat. As I have often reminded Mrs. Van Daan, it’s very selfish of her to keep it when people outside are in such desperate need of clothing. So if you will please sell it for us? It should fetch a good price. And, by the way, will you get me cigarettes? I don’t care what kind they are - get all you can.

To me this is very rude, he is selling one of Mrs. Van Daan’s most prized possessions. This coat means alot to Mrs. Van Daan, and he is selling it, for what, cigarettes. He does not think of anyone other than himself, and is very selfish. He is getting something for himself, that he doesn’t even need. Mrs.Van Daan is crushed that he is doing this, and he doesn’t even bother to acknowledge her sadness. As I just acknowledged Mr. Van Daan’s terrible and insensitive behavior, I still side with Anne. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone messes up, but people will always be good at heart. No matter what, people can bounce back and prove their kindness, that is why I still side with
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