Reflective Essay On Becoming A Teacher

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I never wanted to be the line leader in Kindergarten. I was happy with following everyone else. All throughout growing up I would do whatever my friends did. We played the same sports, joined the same clubs, had the same classes, and even wore the same clothes. Even though I was content with being a follower and doing what everyone else was doing, I knew something was missing. I wanted to be my own person and I had so many ideas and thoughts to share, yet no one wanted to hear them from someone who wasn’t loud and outgoing. As I entered my teen years I wanted people to hear me, so I made it my goal to give myself a voice and become the leader rather than the follower. Learning how to lead others helped create many opportunities for me and I finally found what was missing in my life. My ideas were finally heard and used, and I could not be more pleased. I grew into a strong, creative, and hard-working woman.

Learning how to become a leader was grueling. It didn’t happen overnight like I had hoped. There were many steps I had to take like learning how to open myself up to people. I was always a simple person who never shared how they felt with people. I needed to learn how to open up to people more, so I started being honest when someone would ask how I was doing. I also started telling people about the good and bad things that happened to me like the good grade I got on a hard test, or how I slipped and fell in front of an enormous crowd of people. Sharing little things
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