Reflective Essay On Communication Skills

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As I continue my education at Vaughn high school, I have begun to adapt to the new environment and have enhanced my socializing skills. Improving and further enhancing this skill has been the major area of concern this semester. Several projects from different classes regarding this topic have been assigned to further develop these communication skills. Being able to effectively communicate with others is a vital skill that must be fully developed in high school. When seeking a job or applying to a potential college, it is critical that one attends an interview, which is meant to evaluate the certain individual. Though jobs and schools base their decision on different criteria, they both look at your ability to express your thoughts and ideas effectively with proper eye contact. Considering that public speaking is a skill that is often neglected, it is crucial that one commences to develop these skills because it increases the likelihood of not only excelling and achieving a successful career, but engaging in a proper conversation. This semester in english class, we analyzed a play called “Much ado about nothing”, written by Shakespeare. The shakespearean language was a bit difficult to understand, but we completed several different assignments that allowed us to comprehend the text. The final assignment that was assigned to us was a wedding toast or vow similar to the one in the play. We were assigned different characters and according to the character, we had to base our
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