Reflective Essay On Community Work

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Community Work-

Young at Art museum- Creativity and imagination is often overlooked in our current school system, this organization aims to change that by allowing kids to explore the arts through creative projects and hands-on activities. While volunteering here I was able to assist kids with their arts and craft projects and pushed them to to think more creatively. I believe that creativity sparks innovation which is an important value to have in life. I was in charge of overseeing projects such as the creation of puppets using recycled thrash, drafting digital comic books, the setup of fashion week, and many other creative projects. I played an active role in inspiring kids to use their imagination to create masterpieces and enriching the community as a result.

Miami-Dade Animal Shelter- Pets have always been in my life and my love for animals transfer to my community work.The Miami-Dade animal shelter is one of the largest animal shelters in the U.S and they require a lot of volunteering in order to maintain the health and care of all the animals. In response I have taken care of multiple orphaned animals throughout multiple weeks so they can become accustomed to domestic life and be adopted one day. My tasks involved various tedious but necessary chores such as cleaning up after them, feeding them, bathing them, and many other task. I feel it's important to help out animals because they have always been around me since a child.

Mentors in Action- This club is tasked with providing services to the community throughout multiple means such as fundraising and supply drives. This year we will focusing on helping orphanages, foster homes, and homeless shelters in our local area by raising supplies such as food and books from our community. This club’s activities and goals are flexible so they are able to help meet the various needs of the community. I joined this club because I feel it's a responsibility to give back to those who need care and can’t provide for themselves.

National Art Honor Society- This club’s goal is to spread awareness of art by inspiring students with projects such as chalk murals and the Art Fair. Students often feel not talented enough to get interested in art but this
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