Reflective Essay On Community Work

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Service-Learning is a teaching and learning method that integrates community service with academic coursework as it focuses on critical, reflective thinking. I had the opportunity to go to Kalamazoo for one of my Service Learning projects. My softball team and I hooked up with the Freedom Center of Kalamazoo and we helped the homeless people out. We gave them different things, or pretty much whatever they needed. We walked around different parks and places in Kalamazoo and talked with homeless people and gave them things they needed. In addition, I also helped at the Buddy Walk at Michigan State University. This was a great experience because I got to meet all sorts of people and I got to interact with some down syndrome people, and it really made my day. For one of my service learning trips I went to the Freedom Center of Kalamazoo, and after researching the Freedom Center, the Freedom Center is not just about helping homeless people, it is about a lot of things. On their website, they say that they are about a lot of different things, like I mentioned. The Freedom Center “is a place where peace and power comingle in miraculous harmony. It is a place you will encounter the love of God in real, tangible and life changing ways.
It is a place where you will dig deep into God’s word with Hebrew and Greek cultural context and you will get to know the heart of God in ways that will move you beyond words. It is a place where families worship and learn together at the same time,
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