Reflective Essay On Critical Thinking

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MWP#4 Rough Draft When living your daily life and in the global world, it is vital to balance your own personal morality with other’s ideals and an understanding of the variables in the world that influence the greater interaction. While it is easy to say that critical thinking is something that everyone should use when they approach new situations and information, it is not an easy skill for many people to practice. Everyone wants to believe that they are right, that desire seems as though it is part of human nature. Our world today can magnify this desire through the constant interconnectedness, confirmation bias bubbles, and fake news. To combat this trend of egocentrism and be open to new ideas, when encountering something new that might contradict or change the morals and worldview that I have, I try to think critically about it and approach it with an open mind. In my junior year of high school, I took a class on religions and worldviews. The second half of the year was solely personal reflections and we had to develop a system and method to manage them. The system I ended up using was a journal where each day for three months I kept track of situations through the day that were significant to me for some reason. For each situation I would write about what I had done in response to it in the moment, and then analyze and assess what exactly was influencing the situation and my reaction, as well as what I learned and would do differently if I could re-do the situation.
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