Reflective Essay On Dance

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During eighth grade, my dance solo was selected to be performed at the national competition titled “Triple S”. The day came where my family and I piled into the car and drove for three hours towards the Wisconsin Dells. We finally arrived at the hotel and I rolled my suitcase through our hotel, the same place that was hosting the competition, and passed by hundreds of other families. I found other people from my studio and we strolled to our dressing room together. As we walked in the room, I immediately got a huge whiff of hairspray, glitter and dust. There were dancers in every open spot stretching, and listening to their routine song over and over, blasting through their headphones. I walked past other studios that were performing their team chants and huddles. I got to my station and started the long process of getting ready. I applied my stage makeup which consisted of foundation, powder, eyeshadow, mascara and the final touch: fake eyelashes. After I glued my fake eyelashes on, I looked in the mirror. I had transformed into a dancer. I sprayed hairspray and some glitter spray and headed towards my clothes rack. I grabbed my costume which was a flowing white dress and secured it. I then slipped on my shoes and headed to my choreographer to rehearse. We ran through my routine and I was told I was ready to perform. When I was three years old, I learned that I had apraxia of speech. It is a speech impairment and it causes issues with fine and gross motor skills. I was
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