Reflective Essay On Discharge Planning

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This week’s reflection paper focuses practice-based evidence and the operation of the theoretical framework of person-in-environment as each relates to discharge planning at UMPC Mercy Detoxification Unit (UPMC-MDU). To effectively manage the discharge of individuals and transfer of care between settings, the social service team at UPMC-MDU start early to anticipate problems and discuss barriers and reoccurring traumatic events, but most importantly, patients and multidisciplinary team, via daily meeting, are involved at all stages of the discharge planning and medical treatment process. Considering this process and significance to employ a person-in-environment approach, I have become more aware of the need for skillful care coordination to achieve the most successful clinical and…show more content…
Individuals’ mental status or physical/ behavioral recovery or medical treatment cannot persist in a healthy phase if their social roles in relationships are unaccounted or if their family is homeless, or they are living in a toxic social environment. I believe, even with the integration, of healthcare professional, the primary focus of social work should not only encompass psychological forces, the environment, or the social structure but on the boundary or the relationship between the person and the social

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