Reflective Essay On Distance Learning

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Through University of Alabama’s distance learning program, I have learned a great deal of information. From nutrition’s effect on appearance to reactions that occur at the cellular level, each course reiterates material essential to my success. While assessments install this knowledge, this course differs in that it is an opportunity to apply this knowledge to a real-life scenario. While becoming an Registered Dietitian (RD) is not in my immediate future, this experience is important to my journey. During this study, I will be working under Northeast Texas Public Health District (NET Health). NET Health’s administrative office is in Tyler, Texas. From this office, Miss Gretchen Stryker MPH RD has provided the opportunity for me to work under Miss Karen Merwin RD at the Gilmer Women Infant Children (WIC) center. While I had considered pursuing my teaching certificate, I have sense been presented with opportunities through NET Health and other partnering programs that include an educational aspect. These potential career paths could have a direct impact on both my short and long term professional goals. Following this study, I hope to have a better understanding of which (or any) of these paths align with my personal and professional goals. To ensure direction, six approved objectives have been put in place to guide my experience. These objectives cover the ability to apply knowledge in a professional manner whether through verbal communication or non-verbal communication.
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