Reflective Essay On Diversity

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When thinking about diversity I often think of racial diversity but there are different types of diversity other than racial diversity. Parker and Beck pointed out that there is religious diversity, those who know how the school works and those who don’t, tall students and short students, and students whose parents had different jobs. Parker and Beck mention that although students are different in many ways they “like to play and pretend, and they will sit transfixed for a good story”, so even though students are unique they have similarities. In my high school we had mostly white students and about 40% Hispanic students. My school wasn’t as diverse as it could have been but we did have other students who weren’t white. Over the summer I volunteered at a migrant head start school called Telamon. I worked in a class where all the teachers were Hispanic and all of the students were Hispanic. It was such a great opportunity to work on my Spanish and to help in a classroom where the students were all different than my race. I’ve been in schools where students had different religious beliefs, parents had different jobs, and students of different races. Overall I could always benefit from volunteering in schools where there’s diversity. I think volunteering at Telamon will help my teacher because I have a better understanding of students who are migrants but as I mentioned before I could always benefit from more opportunities volunteering at schools that are diverse.

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