Reflective Essay On Drama

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Wow wow wow it's my turn now first about you, the drama I talk about is all about you and ur friends and being in a game or real wouldn't change things when it comes to discussing and talking about it. I know it's a game and it was me remember from day one I'm the one who told you for me it's a different world. And I'm the one who also said "I don't like drama". I go on just like all the ppl I've met and added to have fun and tbh you're the only one out of all 400 on classic cp and on cpr that pushes so much to talk about things outside of cp. It hardly drama with my friends and since day one meeting dan it's always his drama and again I'm in the middle of it. It's him also who is with drama not me and every second I'm with him it's his drama and what was I suppose to do just tell him I'm not going to talk about his drama and so it's his business, when he's the one that is having and causing the drama every time that girl, her many other spy accounts or her friends pop up. He's the one who is talking to me bc I'm with him. I don't decide to go on to just look for drama so I can talk about it all day long. And po thing is usually to get away from your friends. You do remember when you also say "let's go" and where were you and I suppose to go without ur friends following us? You think I love to talk about your drama friends or dan drama friends? You have to be kidding me. I run from drama and yes ofc it means a lot to me and effects me when ppl say or do mean things. Why do
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