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My experiences with education have allowed me to witness disparities and challenges that underrepresented students face, as education systems are not designed to meet the needs of these scholars. Furthermore, these experiences have further motivated me to address these issues through research and community involvement. I hope to discover new ways in which underrepresented students can be assisted throughout their postsecondary educational journeys, through graduate research at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Ultimately, with a Doctoral Degree focused on Education, I want to conduct transformative research and share this work as faculty at a research-intensive higher education institution.
In the mid-1980, my family immigrated to the United States from Michoacán, Mexico. Due to the language barrier, lack of education and limited financial resources, their employment options were restricted to strenuous agricultural work. For twenty years, my family migrated between California and Washington state for farming opportunities. The constant mobility of my family made it difficult, for me, to find mentors who would help me academically, socially, and emotionally. However, working as a seasonal migrant fieldworker allowed my father to use his experiences as a tool to motivate me to pursue a higher education. He reminded me that in order to achieve the American Dream, a Bachelor’s degree and a carrera (career) was necessary. His constant consejos (pieces of advice) were not only a driving force in my academic success, but it also kept him involved in my education—something most children of migrant farmworkers do not receive from their parents. Although my parents instilled in me the importance of a higher education early on in childhood, they were unaware of the resources available to families like ours. Therefore, their involvement in my education was limited.
I noticed that many of my peers and their families shared similar challenges and experiences in the same rural, farm working towns where I attended public school. At Soap Lake High School, I had limited and scarce academic resources which hindered my preparation for college. My high school, for example, used outdated math and science textbooks to

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