Reflective Essay On Geneseo

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Often times people relate what they’re learning to the environment around them. Studying in Oxford allowed for a unique, more relatable experience to history and the literature discussed in the course. Oxford, being one of the oldest, most prestigious institutions in the world, generated an atmosphere that my classmates and I couldn’t experience in Geneseo, one we may never have the chance to experience again. From the history, to the architecture, to the students and culture it is unparalleled to our education here in the US. The historical significance England has, not only with the USA, but the entire world made the trip invaluable. Learning in the same place as influential philosophers like John Locke, as well as the significance of Oxford in Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure, creates a special connection to the text I would have nowhere else. Not only was academic aspect enlightening but also social aspects like traveling and meeting locals as well. This program put academics and life in a different context, something I’m grateful I took advantage of.

Class itself was different from any class I’ve taken in Geneseo, from the room to the bond I shared with my classmates and professors throughout the trip. The environment, along with other factors, created a more fulfilling academic experience, one I had yet to experience until this trip. Lectures and discussions became a thing I was excited to listen and participate in. Class, in general, was more engaging despite the
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