Reflective Essay On Illegal Immigration

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I recall a news article I saw online, it was one of the thousands of articles that talked about how illegal immigrants are “stealing jobs” from Americans. I scrolled down after I finished reading through the story, and it was there in the comment section that my heart began to beat at a faster pace. There were hundreds of racist comments, some using racial slurs, others using obscene language. All the comments had something in common, and it was the verbal assault of a group of people. I saw one in particular that seemed more ignorant than the others, so i chose to reply by providing facts, and logical suggestions as to why that person was wrong. I replied, because I thought that I could somehow change this cruel person’s way of thinking. By now i’m sure everyone knows of the dangers of the trolls online, So I structured, and worded my sentences in a way so that no one could reply with my misspelled words, or incorrect sentence structure. About two to three minutes after my initial reply, I began receiving the kinds of comments I had been expecting. Some were genuine responses while others were a mix of unintelligible words, and obscene language.…show more content…
I expected to receive the same kind of respect back, and yet the comments on my response were filled with more racial slurs, and ignorant comments. I’ve learned not to expect to change people from thinking a certain way, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Maybe from now I won’t get so offended by these comments, and perhaps I might even respond to more
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