Reflective Essay On Intercultural Interview

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I interviewed Kim Waggoner, MSW, LICSW. I first met Kim during my experience in the SafeQuest program at Bradley Hospital during my adolescent struggles with mental illness. After seeing me participate in a few different programs with little success, she approached me with the opportunity to participate in a new venture, a dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) group she was starting. I accepted, and it was a life-changing experience. I spent the better part of two years in that group, even staying through a transition to a new office location. Kim's role in the group was that of a guide or a mentor rather than a clinician. She would introduce us to the concepts and skillsets of DBT and let us find our own ways to utilize them. It was very much run by the six of us in the group. When I left the group to start my college career, she made it clear that I could contact her in the future in a friendly or professional way. Naturally, Kim was the first person that came to mind for an interview prospect. I reached out earlier this year and we reconnected. I met Kim in her office during non-client hours. This was the same office that the DBT group was held in when I left. We had a friendly chat to catch up on our journey's since we parted and then sat down for the interview. Back when I worked with her, Kim had a therapy dog named Rowdy. Rowdy was a poodle and was a big part of everything Kim did. Rowdy was my friend too, and I had looked forward to seeing him again as well. I was

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