Reflective Essay On Leadership

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I still struggle with feeling like there are enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. I find that there are still many days that I will work 10 hours, then handle family commitments, then exercise, then try to spend time with friends, only to find that it’s time to go to bed and I haven’t checked everything off my to-do list. I have been trying to improve upon this skill in a few ways including, choosing to be proactive, carefully considering how making a commitment impacts my overall well-being, and using a new calendar so that I can clearly see what commitments I have already made and how adding a new one would impact my schedule.

Finally, there were two categories that I am currently working on improving which include begin with the end in mind, and put first thing first. While these weren’t m lowest scores, I do feel like there is a great deal of room for growth within myself here. Now that I have a better understanding of my leadership strengths and weaknesses, and hope to use this data to grow into an outstanding leader that inspires others.
When reviewing my survey, I was able to see the areas I excel in and the areas that need improvement. Based on these results, I think that the leadership that best describes my actions is situational leadership theory. The situational Leadership theory says that there is no “one method solves all” approach to leadership and that the situation will dictate what the correct action should be. To do this,

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