Reflective Essay On Mental Health

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In 2010, I had a bad ankle injury, which led to being in and out of physical therapy. Simultaneously, my unit was being deployed to Afghanistan, which meant, I wasn't able to join them on what was my third combat tour. I was left with the remains, behind Element HQ Platoon. Prior to the last Element of 2/4 being destined to deploy, I had gotten off light duty status. The doctor released me off such state, only, with the agreement that I would continue my therapy on my own and remain on flat leveled ground during my my healing. The sole purpose of such dismissal was so I wouldn't miss a lot of my work time. Yet upon light duty release, without delay, I was told that I had a week to pack up, as I was being deployed to Afghanistan. Despite being informed of my medical status, my unit didn't seem concerned of such information. I was placed back on full duty and soon to be deployed without a second thought. Upon receiving such information, I called my wife and family to inform them of my upcoming situation. In the course of my deployment, my then wife confessed that she no longer desired to remain married to me, due to the fact that I was always deployed. That caused me some mental stress. During a visit of a mental health professional to us, I requested to speak to them. In the midst of the conversation I confessed how I felt. I admitted to feeling severely depressed, alone, and even suicidal. My Chain of Command was informed, and I was advised to seek help if I planned on
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