Reflective Essay On Nursing Performance

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For my overall performance I feel that I have been doing pretty well, but I feel that I could be doing so much better. I know that whenever I started in pathophysiology (Nursing 225), I didn’t know the best way for me to study. So, I was studying only a couple nights before the exams. I ended up at mid-semester with a 75% and I was afraid I wouldn’t pass. I started studying every night. This helped a lot and I ended up passing the class with a B-. I feel that I know how to study better for nursing classes now. I study a little every night for each class. I feel that my overall performances on my final exams are decent. For the most part, my final exams are close to my average grade for the class. The exception is Nursing 306, which was pediatric nursing. I remember that final exam day; it was hard because we had the OB and pediatric finals on the same day. I remember being overwhelmed. I studied for both finals well but I remember feeling distracted and thinking that I was okay. I had that thought that I didn’t need to do that good on the final to pass. After that final exam I told myself I would never think about that again. I would always study hard for my finals no matter what I had in the class already. I feel that I have learned a lot about studying for my nursing classes over the last couple years. But, I also learned that the way I study for one class may not work for another class. In Pharmacology, the only study technique that seemed to work for me was note cards.
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