Reflective Essay On Personal Success

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There is a connection between personal success and the factors that are present in the beginning, during, and those that develop along the way to guarantee success. Intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, time management, and academic preparation are pertinent factors and play an imperative role. To prevent my motivation from burning out in this program, my program, I perceive it as many minor tasks that involve careful planning, hours of nurture, and different degrees of time management. Keeping my eyes on the little goals that I will accomplish along the way will lead to the grand goal: my Master's in English. Reminding myself of past educational accomplishments like when I was a single parent and was borrowing loan after loan to complete my degrees serves as a daily motivator. A recent preview of my future courses also sparked a fire in my soul and enthusiasm. This program will also involve stress. Something that I do not always handle well, but avoiding too much on my plate, asking for help from my family, professors, and seeking the help of the Writing Center Tutors and Library personnel, to name a few, assists in minimizing the stress and prevents me from losing concentration. Spreading out my reading, assessments, writing assignments into smaller tasks lets me focus on quality. For example, this self-assessment report I approached it in segments that involved developing it one paragraph at a time. I spread out the work versus trying to tackle it all at once.

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