Reflective Essay On Physical Work

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I was always chosen last for every sport unit we had in gym class. When it came the time to choose me they would even argue about whose team I was on. It always made me think that I couldn’t do anything that required physical work. Overtime it got to me because they would never pass the ball to me even though nobody would be guarding me. This made me believe that all people should be treated equally, no matter their differences. I know what it is like to be made fun of because I always had trouble doing certain tasks while everyone made it look easy.

Before I was even born, I had a stroke. I was one of the very few that would’ve survived this. At five weeks old, I was diagnosed with a condition known as hydrocephalus. This caused cerebro-spinal fluid to push on my skull. This would’ve resulted in death, but we had a VP shunt inserted to keep me alive. What the VP shunt does is it drains the excess fluid from my brain ventricles down into my abdomen.
When I was six months old, I was still unable to even lift my head up on my own, The doctors thought I might not even walk, so they diagnosed me with cerebral palsy. This is where the nerve signals can’t reach some of my muscles, making it very difficult for me to perform everyday tasks like tying my shoes. I have what is called triplegia where three of my limbs are affected. My right arm is the most affected and both of my legs are affected. People notice that I do not walk right and that is because the muscles in my legs are
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