Reflective Essay On Professional Communication

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In the healthcare world, effective and concise communication is a key building block in forming successful patient/practitioner therapeutic relationships. Not only does a practitioner have to communicate diligently but converse with all ages. ‘Because good patient-physician communication improves patient care and satisfaction’ (Ha & Longnecker, 2010, p1). This essay will critically analyse a specific situation in which professional communication skills were not adhered to, and how this analysis will be beneficial for becoming a better health care professional.

The situation which stimulated the need for this analysis occurred when I was at home, practicing various techniques on my Mother (47 years old) and my brother Thomas (14 years old). Whether it was an exercise movement or a position for an MET, I found Thomas took the most time to explain this to. The amount of technical information I needed to give was highly dependent on the patients' age and exposure to osteopathic manual practices.

From analysing the situation, it was clear I was getting frustrated as I had to take more time than what I had anticipated for Thomas. He would get confused about what I was asking of him and I would have to repeat the instructions again. I am so used to working with other students in my practical class who already understood the movements, that I forgot about the level of knowledge and competence of patients when it came to real life. I could feel Thomas getting slightly annoyed

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