Reflective Essay On Returning To College

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To begin, I am eager to receive critique and assistance regarding my writing. My hope is to develop into the best writer I can be. Having said that, fearful struck me the moment I registered for this course. Fearing that I would be expected to write essays, papers and that I would fall short in my abilities. Writing a narrative essay, reflective essay, or researching material for a persuasive essay is not something I had done. Fortunately, soon realizing that this is why I am returning to college. English Composition specifically, will guide me through the information that I need to study to become the best writer I can be. Receiving guidance is a necessary part of life, and in college, if I want to develop my skills, receiving analyzes and assistance is essential to my growth. Falling short is an opportunity to fix what is wrong. So my enthusiasm is in learning everything I possibly can to aid in my success.
When it can to receiving guidance from my fellow students. It was surprising to me that I did not receive critique from my fellow students. Similarly, I did not provide an analysis of their thesis statement. Since this was my first attempt at a thesis statement, questioning of their thesis statements would be awkward and misplaced. I did
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The instruction provided to follow the guidelines presented, announcements sent to the class by her and from the learning material offered in MindEdege. Then to rework my initial thesis statement to fit within these parameters. My first thought was that I was not going to be able to complete the task. As I said in the beginning, I want to be the best writer I can. I reread the material that was suggested, put aside the insecurity I felt. Then I wrote several thesis statement drafts and produce a new thesis statement. After posting my revised version I receive good news, it was an excellent revision, I felt my confidence
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