Reflective Essay On Social Media

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Lively smiles and expressions become zombified faces illuminated in the opaque night by the intoxicating glow of our handheld devices, each lifeless face free falling further into the downloadable programs designed to encapsulate our last drops of individuality for a grand display. Social media in its purest form is a tool meant to unite friends and family from all around the globe, everyone uses it, even the people who demonize it can’t completely pull themselves off of the constant stream of information emanating from their phone screens. After recording my media activity for five days I had the opportunity to observe many of the habits that I have developed over the years of being exposed to the constant radiation of social media. One of my favorite forms of art and expression is music so many of the hours I have recorded in my journal consist of music apps such as Spotify and SoundCloud, in each app you have the ability to share and like music. In the form of social media, my main two platforms are Instagram and Snapchat which I try to use primarily to stay in contact through sending memes and topical videos. I also recorded a small amount of time on Fantasy Football and reading books. My usage of Social media over the past five days is closely representative to my daily habits and relatively free of any major outlying numbers. I have put in a daily average of 2.02 hours on Instagram, 1.94 hours on Snapchat, 3.45 hours on Spotify, 1.3 hours
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