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Around 8 pm on March 11, 2016, my sister and I decided to grab a coffee from Starbucks. I believe that Starbucks is a perfect example of a location where diverse people consisting of different generations hang out, meet, transact, communicate and study. Starbucks is open for masses to stay in as long as they want while drinking a good cup of coffee. I was fortunate enough that during the time of my observation a lot was going on. With the learning I have grasped from our lessons, I was able to see various concepts that are under the topic Communication: An Introduction.

The five fundamental characteristics were seen on the site. The first situation, I recognize is the exchange of meaningful symbols. The people used distinct ways to exchange symbols. An example of which is when
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I could observe that people were working on documents; it may be for work or for school. In addition, there were people who were reading the daily newspaper. With that, I noticed that aspect of information was present. They use liable data to gain new knowledge for future purposes. On the other hand, entertainment was prominent in the area. A clique was laughing about a joke a member shared. This made their discussion livelier and buoyant. On the other hand, instruction was visible in the field. The students were studying study due to the fact that the coffee shop had excellent ambiance. They used instructional devices such as textbooks, handouts and computers to boost their intelligence. While one table consists of a student and a mentor. The mentor was sharing insights and explaining the study they were focusing on. In fact, manager and staff relationship could also be an example, wherein the manager advised his staff about the customer’s orders. I only witnessed one case of persuasion, where I overheard a girl inviting her to visit a club after having their

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