Reflective Essay On Team Leadership

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As a first time RA, I felt that my biggest challenge was realizing when it was okay to not know the answer to a problem or situation. Taking this leadership class has helped me realize that it is okay to step down when I do not know the answer, specifically with Team Leadership. Team Leadership was described in the book as when “team members step forward when situations warrant, providing the leadership necessary, and then step back to allow others to lead” (Northouse 365). Having this reassurance that I do not always have to be the person stepping up came in handy for me in particular when I came across a situation where there was a large party. My co-RA that was on duty with me had better skills with memorizing information that needed to be in the IR than I did. Having read the chapter on Team Leadership, I knew that it was okay for her to take the lead and for me to step back and help guide the situation. As a new RA I have not experienced a large number of incidents, however, my biggest leadership moment was when I had to help deal with an incident involving drugs. My co-RA did not deal with an incident of that scale before and did not feel comfortable being the first person to interact with the situation. I knew that I had better communication skills to deal with the residents involved and my co-RA took on the role of strictly gathering information and surveying the situation. I had to figure out what was going on amongst the residents as well as talking things
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