Reflective Essay On The Writing Process

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I approached this writing assignment like I do for every other essay I have to write; I have to have “The Writing Process.” Last year, I was introduced to this method and it definitely helped me to accomplish every other essay that I get assigned. With this method, I make sure that I brainstorm what my essay could be about, what’s an experience that I would like to share. I also think about what theme I could give out to the readers that are reading my story and what they could learn from it. After that, I start listing out specific concepts about my different stories that I’m choosing from like, if I chose to write about my dad, what would I tell about him and how he’s helped me. Or how my mom’s decision not to work to make sure she’s with her kids whenever we needed her (believe me, we needed her.) Then, I actually skip the free-writing because I don’t feel it’s necessary for me, so I chose what story to write about then start writing. When I decided to choose my dad’s passing, I made sure that I had points to write about, I was constantly rearranging them to make sure they fit an order so it just didn’t seem all over the place. I wanted to make sure if I told this story it would be right since it is such an important one for me. So once I figured that out, I started writing my personal narrative. I started weeks before it was due because I knew that this was very special to me and I wanted to get it correct so I can convey the experience correctly. I did have
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