Reflective Essay On Time Management

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To begin, the first of many important skills this class has gifted me is an improved ability of managing time. As the course has progressed, I have procrastinated my work less and managed my time more effectively, which has aided my success. My first two essays bring light to this. These two papers were my worst grades, unequivocally at that. I can recall that, when writing those compositions, I began from scratch the night before each was due. From sunset to sunrise I labored over the essays while holding a deep regret for my decisions to procrastinate. I learned that it is important to have long periods of time to think in order to write a successful paper; they cannot be rushed. Realizing this importance of time management in writing, especially when writing college-level papers, I began to spread out my work over longer periods of time. In fact, once I had reduced the severity of my procrastination, my grades significantly increased. Although I can contribute this to many different skills I gained due to the class, I contribute it mostly to improved time management. The effect of this new work ethic has also reached other classes as I am no longer beginning my studies last-minute. My work, as well as my grades, has increased in quality, largely in part due to my improved time management skills that this class taught me. Furthermore, this course has provided extreme help in improving my writing through two main ways. First, this class has instructed me how to form
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